First of all, thank you so much for stepping by. My name is Egidija and I am very happy to have you here.DSC_2755

Born in a small town in Lithuania, I have been living in The Netherlands for the past four years. I am a business graduate, who gets excited about traveling, healthy lifestyle, and everything that is green. Nature is like a religion to me – I believe it offers so much to learn for everyone that could be applied for our everyday life.

In this website I share my ideas, experience, and knowledge about healthy lifestyle, nutrition, beauty and traveling. I am a huge fan of scientific/academic information and many of my articles are based on it. I also provide the links to the scientific journals in every post in case you would like to get some more detailed information on a matter. This site works as a motivation for me and I hope it will inspire some of you too!

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P.s. all the pictures posted on this website were taken by me.